Saturday, 1 August 2009

A fab time at Alton Towers! (Part 1)

I think today I will blog in stages. Having been away for three days, there is too much to post at one time - it will be boring to write, never mind read.

On Wednesday we left bright and early - well we left at 8.45am and it was raining! It pretty much carried on raining all day. We arrived at Alton Towers bang on 10.00am which was excellent. We had anticipated the journey taking three hours. The children both caught up on some sleep in the car and I confess to nodding off for a time! Poor Mark, we weren't very sociable!

The car parks at Alton Towers weren't as crowded as we thought they would be - I think the weather put a lot of people off. Anyway it was on with the waterproofs and off we went towards the monorail. We got the one decorated with strawberries to go into the park. It was raining so hard, that I had to put all of our phones, cameras, purses etc in a carrier bag (clever me!) inside the rucksack, which was already soaked.

Once as we got into the park we decided to head straight for Spinball Whizzer which we we could all go on and which was closest. Unfortunately lots of other people had the same idea! We queued for about an hour in very heavy rain. Slightly concerning when the ride broke down half way through the queueing process (we must be jinxed!), but it was soon up and running. We had to go in separate cars - I went with Emily and Mark went with Edward (who was very nervous). Good grief, it was fast - it literally shot you around like a pinball! It was good fun though!

We then made our way to Duel. This was right up Edward's street - laser gun! It's a ride set in the old Haunted House and you ride around in the dark shooting things - it made me scream a couple of times when things jumped out at us (which made Emily laugh!). After a quick snack, we went on it again. Not good for the hands, those laser guns are really heavy, and my hands were aching after the second time.

Went on the Runaway Mine Train after that- I remember going on this ride years ago and it is still good fun. I liked the bit when you go through the tunnel and the track rides close to the Congo River Rapids. Lots of shrieking and laughing!

We decided that as we were already soaking wet, a little bit more water wouldn't hurt - the Congo River Rapids were calling! This is a really great ride, and because there was no queue, they let us stay on for a second go. I thought I couldn't get any wetter - how wrong was I! We were wet everywhere, we literally squelched when we walked - it was a tad uncomfortable!

After a Burger King for the children, some doughnuts for us and a quick trot around the Sea Life Centre, we decided to call it a day! It was about 2.45 by this point, and we had stuck it out gamely under very trying circumstances - enough was enough. We caught the Jelly Bean train back to the car park and headed off for the hotel.

Hot baths and showers for all was the order of the day, and a bit of a chill out, before we went down to dinner in the hotel. Nice meal, though the service was a bit slow. Lots of families were there all with the same idea as us - the hotel is ideally situated for Alton Towers.

We all read for a bit and had an early night, ready for the next day which we hoped would be drier than today had been!

(P.S. Am reading The Seven Year Itch - not a great book, writing style is tedious and I wouldn't recommend it. Will be glad when I have finished it).
M x

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