Monday, 24 August 2009

Mini Break to Durham - Day 2

On our second day, we decided to visit Beamish, which is a folk museum spread over a couple of acres. There are four main areas, the Home Farm, the Colliery Village, the Town and Railway Station, and the Manor House. Whilst you can walk between them, it's quite a distance, so you can get either a tram or a bus.

Typically it was raining pretty hard when we got there, so yet again it was on with the raincoats. It did ease up whilst we were in the old school in the Colliery Village thank heavens, otherwise it might have been quite a difficult day.

Emily and Edward had a go at some maths in the old school, working out pounds, shilling and pence. Emily got the hang of it straight away, but Edward found it a bit confusing.

We went down a mine, which was a bit freaky. It had a very low ceiling, so you had to bend practically in half. Just as well I was wearing a hard hat, because I would have concussed myself with the amount of times I hit my head on the ceiling!

Edward had a go at a few crafts, including making a prodded rug and a peg doll. Emily is obviously far too mature for such pursuits!!

This is the Town where we visited the sweet shop (spent a little bit of money!), had lunch in the tea room and had a good look around all the shops, as well as the railway station.

We then caught the tram to the Manor House. No photos I'm afraid because the battery died. It was a lovely old house, even allowing for the dead animals hanging up in the smoke house. We didn't have time to go to the Home Farm, so we have decided to visit another time. Edward was a bit disappointed because he wanted to see the forge, but there just wasn't enough time for everything. We had been there since 10am and it shut at 5pm.
We decided to have a cheap meal and ended up in the KFC near the Premier Inn.
Next installment tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday, as I am in London tomorrow.
M x

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