Saturday, 15 August 2009


I had a really quiet day on Thursday as both children were out with their friends. Emily went into Hertford and Ware with Will and their group of friends, and Edward went to Sam's house with Matt. I spent the day watching Brideshead Revisted - the film not the series. Much preferred the series. I also finished the last of the three True Blood books that I have - Club Dead. It was really good and I and well and truly hooked. In fact I have ordered 4 - 6 from Amazon and can't wait til they get here! I made two cards aswell from some of the things I bought at Stamperama on Sunday. I seem to be making cards little and often at the moment - I haven't had a real card-fest for a while.

Yesterday Emily had her hair cut. It's not totally radical, but it is more of a style and looks really nice. Hopefully she will keep it like this.



She's very happy with it.

I am signing off now as I am getting fed up with Blogger fighting me - it won't let me do what I want it to - argh!

Off to make a picnic as we are off to Stowe with friends. See ya!

M x

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