Tuesday, 4 August 2009

No Children - Day 2!

Today started better than yesterday. I actually got to have a lay-in until 8.15am which is not that late, but it is a first so far this holiday. Had a nice relaxing bath - finished the ridiculous book I was reading - The Seven Year Itch. Didn't really care what happened in the end, but at least I finished it.

Whilst the bed was clear, I took a photo of my hexagon blanket now that I have finished the 6th round. Sophie was being difficult and kept laying on it! Got there in the end.

Today the only plan I had was to make the card for Janet McGee's new grandchild - I promised her it would be ready for tomorrow. Typical of me, I decided to watch a film first - talk about procrastination! Anyway, really enjoyed Confessions of a Shopaholic (don't tell Emily I watched it without her, she'll be cross!!). I was worried that I wouldn't like it because I really enjoyed the books, and they have changed loads for the film, but it was alright - made better by Hugh Dancy!

Finally decided I had better make the card - I had an hour to get started til there was a craft programme on QVC. Could I find the stamp I wanted? It wasn't where it should have been, I finally unearthed it in a box under a chair in the dining room. Anyway I made a start with the embossing and all went well. Stopped for an hour whilst I watched QVC and then got on with it. I'm really pleased with the end result - looks bright and fresh. Hope Janet likes it.

OMG - my typing has been shocking today - I think it's because my nails are too long, they are getting on my nerves!
Spent the rest of the afternoon crocheting my blanket and watching the TV - watched a film What Happens in Vegas - it was OK, and chatting on the phone to Rosemary Bolton. A very lazy day indeed - heigh ho!
M x

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