Monday, 27 July 2009

Busy Weekend

Today I feel really tired. The weekend was so busy, that I need a day to catch up. Don't know why, but I am not really sleeping very well, and certainly am not able to sleep in - which is a tad annoying given that it is the summer holiday. Although having said that, the weather is certainly not summery - another day of rain (getting slightly tedious now!).

On Saturday we went up to Milton Keynes for my niece's 13th birthday. We went up early to do a couple of jobs before the party. We went to Ikea to get the small bookcase and a spare shelf for Edward's bookcase. Then we went to Costco to stock up on essentials, before calling in at Borders so that I could browse in Paperchase. Also tried to find out some info from a very helpful chap about Breaking Dawn - he couldn't find out any info about the paperback launch either - drat!

After that we headed off to my sister's house where we had a very nice time. Drank quite a lot of champagne sangria (far to nice) and had lots of delicious food. Mum made a Charis a great birthday cake.

Charis with her cake

We stayed until about 9pm, then made a move to go home. I was planning for us to go to Legoland the next day, so didn't want to be too late. We were all pretty tired by the time we got home, so didn't unpack all our goodies from the car - who wants to be carrying bookcases about at that time of night!

We got up really early the next day and left by 8.30 to go to Legoland. Luckily the weather looked quite promising so off we went. We got to Legoland just before 10am. It looked quite busy, but with our Merlin passes we avoided the queues (and saved ourselves over £100!).

We had a really great day and went on everything we wanted to go on. Slight problem with Tomb Raiders that broke down just as we were about to get on it (after queueing for 45 minutes!). It was sorted pretty quickly, so we did get to go on the ride - much to Ed's relief. We got a bit wet on the Viking river ride, and the Pirate Falls, but nowhere as wet as we did on Tidal Wave at Thorpe Parke! Ed was a bit nervous at the Jungle Coaster and the Dragon ride but he really enjoyed it.

Em and Ed at the Driving School

We had a really nice lunch in the pizza and pasta restaurant, made even better by getting 20% off with our Merlin passes!

We finally left to go home around 6.45. We did think that the traffic on the M4 and M25 was going to be a problem, but we decided to head towards Beaconsfield, Amersham and Chesham and were home at 8.30 - not bad at all. We all had a really great day.

Today, we are having a lazy day. As I write, Mark has taken Ed to see Transformers 2 (rather him than me, I had to endure the first one!), and Em is still in bed . She is going to start her homework today, not that she is too keen. We are off to Buntingford to see the Mother-in-Law and have dinner there. Apart from that, it will be catching up on some jobs and building a bookcase. Sounds like fun!

M x

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