Saturday, 8 August 2009

Final Day (no children)!

Greetings! There hasn't been much to write about recently hence the silence.

We had a really pleasant meal on Wednesday at The Sword in Hand for Joan's birthday. The food was delicious, really good pub food (not cheap though!). The company was OK too.

Thursday was a pretty tedious day. Started with a Doctor's appointment which was a thrill a minute. Blood pressure OK, but sent for blood tests. Typically the Doctor's ran on time! I know that sounds mad, but my manicure appointment was for 12 o'clock, so I had loads of time to kill! I just mooched around the shops, sorted something out for dinner in Waitrose and then had a coffee at Cafe Nero.

I went for my manicure, I was a bit nervous because I hadn't been to this place before (I was using the voucher from Emily). They were quite nice, my manicurist was a bit of a dizzy blonde, but OK. I decided to go for a dark blue to match my toe nails - it's called "You've gotta get this blue!". When I left, my nails looked really nice, unfortunately by the time I had got to the car, keys, sunglasses, seat belt etc - I'd wrecked them! They still look alright, but don't stand up to close scrutiny!

The only plus point for the day was that I found a cheap copy of Breaking Dawn in the Oxfam bookshop, which I bought to tide me over until the paperback is released next year.

Mark decided I needed cheering up so we went to Lam's and had a Chinese buffet - it was delicious and made me feel better.

Friday was a better day. Got up early to go have my blood tests (still a queue even at that time of day). Then watched one episode of The Thornbirds - it was as bad as I remembered, but I will watch it all - a sucker for punishment!

I spent the rest of the day making cards and here are the fruits of my labour. They are all from the Craftwork Cards kit - Sorbet Souffle.

I'm really pleased with them, they look lovely and fresh.
After that we had a trip to Asda in Stevenage to get Edward some new polo shirts for school. I also picked up some new pillows for the children, as theirs have seen better days.
Today I am planning on making a 40th birthday card and a teenager birthday card, so better get cracking before the children come home later. Am very excited because tomorrow it is Stamperama - I have my shopping list all ready!
M x

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