Sunday, 16 August 2009

Stowe Landscape Garden

Yesterday we had our annual picnic at Stowe. We've been doing this every summer for quite a few years now, I think Edward was in the buggy for some of them.

We all met up at 1.30pm. It would have been earlier, but Edward had his first football training session of the season which didn't finish until 11.30. Tracy arrived just before us, then Katie and Clive came after we got there. It made a change that we weren't the last!

We had a really lovely time, great food and company. Edward, Emily, Mark and Clive played cricket (Edward won!), whilst us ladies watched on!

A little bit of hill rolling.

Very dignified for a fourteen year old!

It's such a lovely place that we never get tired of going there. Edward loves the freedom to run around and Emily isn't quite the bored teenager yet.

A happy day.

M x

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