Wednesday, 5 August 2009

No Children - Day 3!

I have had a really, really lazy day today. After doing boring laundry, I popped out to drop a birthday present round to Emily's friend and that's pretty much all I have done! I did intend to make some cards, but there's always tomorrow (or the next day)!!
I watched Panic Room (very young Kristen Stewart), and crocheted my blanket. I did manage to push the Hoover around for a bit. This afternoon a colleague from work came round to pick up a card that I had made for her (which she loved) and that is pretty much my day.
I have been feeling very headachy - I think weather wise it is a bit hot and humid, maybe it's that.
Because I haven't really done anything today, I decided to take a photo of one of my pots which is looking very pretty at the moment, and of my orchid, which is also looking pretty spectacular.

Well, the children are in Folkestone with Mum and Dad, back at their house tomorrow night. Mark and I are off for a meal out with the mother-in-law to celebrate her birthday and that my friends is that!

M x

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