Sunday, 2 November 2014

Box Cards

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Today is the last day of half term which is a little sad.  My house is very quiet.  Emily went back to University yesterday.  Mark has gone off to France for the week for work and I am left here with a teenage boy who doesn't speak much (grunts occasionally), and a sulking dog!  It's going to be a long week!
Half term was lovely, if too short (I know, we are never satisfied).  I spent time with my children, met a friend for coffee.  Mark and I had a lovely day in London visiting the poppies (mesmerising), I chilled out, I spent a day scrapbooking at the Scrapbags Autumn Retreat (couldn't do all three days) and I even made 22 (yes, 22!) Christmas cards.  I would say, it was a very successful week.
And, I have managed to blog twice :)
Today I am showing the box cards that I have made recently.  The first two were for friends having special birthdays.  I used the same colour scheme for both, and the same SU paper stack.

The final card was made for my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary which was on Friday.  Not my usual style - I prefer silver to gold, but it was a "Golden" Wedding Anniversary!  So I thought I would go the whole hog!  My parents really liked it, my mum texted me from their cruise down the Danube to tell me so.

So, my next project is to make my mum a birthday card for her 70th birthday, which is in two weeks.  Two major events in her life, less than three weeks apart - she could have planned this better!  Joking Mum!
Anyway, thanks for popping in.  I love hearing you comments.
Take care
Michelle x