Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

It's been a week since I last posted and I don't know where the time has gone. We had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The children were thrilled with all their presents (and so was I!!). Yes, I did get my much wished for camera and I am very happy. Emily has been giving me a few tips, but it is quite straight forward to work. I am now planning to take lots more photos, particularly of my crafting.

We have also had some fun on the Wii over Christmas as we all got some new games (apart from Mark that is). I got the Wii Fit Plus and we have all been having a go - I'm not that great, but it's a laugh. I still reign supreme at Ski Jump.

Unfortunately I came down with a streaming cold on Boxing Day evening which laid me out for a few days. It was such a hardship to have a sofa day watching Crafts on QVC all day!! A few purchases made me feel better.
I did have to cancel my friend the next day as I was still feeling very poorly, which also meant I couldn't go to London with her the the day after. Even today I still don't feel 100%, although miles better than I did.
New Years Eve is going to be a quiet one tonight - just staying in, the four of us. Emily has been out with her friends this afternoon and Edward has had his friend Sam round for a play. Mark has just ordered us a curry for our tea,and there is a bottle of champagne in the fridge for later.
Need to think about my New Year's Resolutions for 2010,and maybe if they are in print, I might stick to them!
I think one would be to try and feel less stressed and be happier. Life seems to have been particularly tough over the last couple of years and I would like things to calm down.
I would like to give more of my time to my crafts and document them more. I would definitely like to give scrap booking a go - I have enough stuff to start me off.
I would like to feel more organised and in control - things have been slipping of late and it has made me feel panicky.
I would also like to feel more relaxed and to stop having panic attacks over things outside of my control.
And finally, the usual one, the one I never seem to succeed at - weight loss. Nothing else needs to be said!!
Well there we are, we shall see. I will keep you posted on the progress of these five resolutions. wish me luck (and good luck with any you make)!
Happy New Year!!
M x

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Cupcakes

Well, we have finally got there. The house is clean and tidy, the presents are all wrapped, the decorations are up and some Christmas cooking has been done.

And finally . . . the snow is melting! I thought I would show you the lovely photo of our Pyracantha covered in snow, that Mark took earlier in the week. It really makes me feel Christmassy. I actually feel in the mood now, particularly as everything has come together well today.

And here are the results of my cooking labours today - Christmas Cupcakes. They are vanilla flavoured with Christmas coloured icing. Edward and I had great fun with the decorations. I am a big fan of edible glitter now, so no doubt all my cupcakes in the future will be suitably sparkly! I can feel another trip to the cake decorating shop in the New Year for further supplies!

Fingers crossed that Father Christmas looks kindly upon me and brings me a new camera tomorrow - I really hope so. Emily's camera gives such great results and is much easier to use. Edward is hopeful too, as I have promised him my old one if I get a new one.
I like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year.
Lots of love
M x

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree . . . .

M x

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Tis the season to be jolly . . . . .

I'm finally feeling a bit more Christmassy. It's been quite a long slog to get to this point, but I think I am there! Today I have wrapped up all the Christmas presents and am feeling rather virtuous. We have got the decorations down from the loft and Mark has made a start by putting the lights up outside. Even the tree is up, though not decorated. The children have both been out today so we are waiting for us all to be here to do it.

Even the snow outside is making a difference, although I was disappointed that the school was closed yesterday and we didn't finish the term properly. I still have gifts to give out, but they will have to wait til the New Year now. The children were happy with their day off and had a great time playing in the snow, although I was feeling grumpy and didn't even take any photographs.

Talking of which, I am really hoping I get a new camera for Christmas (please, please, please!). I will feel more inspired to take lots of photos and post more on my blog. I'm also hoping to get a little be more creative and have some fun with my hobbies in the New Year. I need to get back to my lovely hexagonal blanket which has been on hold for some time.

I had a smallish disaster with my beautiful Rowan wool this week. I spilt red wine in the bag my wool was kept in!! After some quick action, I think I have salvaged most of it, but I'm not sure how much has seeped into the ball. Luckily my crochet only uses small amounts at a time so I should be OK (I hope), otherwise it will be an expensive accident.

We are off out tonight to a Christmas meal with the balloonists. We weren't going to go, but haven't seen some of the crowd for ages so we thought we ought too. Poor Mark will have to drive because of the weather as I don't drive when it is snowy and icy.

It does mean, however, that I will miss the final of Strictly Come Dancing. I am recording it, but I hope I don't find out who has won until I get to watch it. In theory it should be Ricky Whittle as he is the best dancer, but Chris Hollins is well loved. We shall see.

Time for me to say goodbye. Til the next time.

M x

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Fruits of My Labours (Part 2) . . . .

These photos were supposed to be on the other post, but seem to have become lost in the ether!

I really like the flower corsages below, particularly the red one in the middle of the bottom row. In fact, it didn't sell, so I get to keep it!!

The little hair clips sold very well. I bought plain clips from Claires Accessories (£2.00 for 6) and decorated them with flowers that I had already made - simple!

Pretty cool!
M x
The Fruits of My Labours . . .

I have been so busy lately and have been very bad about posting any news. I apologise for my absence. Apart from my usual manic home life, I have been trying to get organised for Christmas. I have planned a big shopping trip to Milton Keynes on Friday where I hope to get everything finished. I am quite happy to leave the wrapping up until I finish work but I don't want any last minute shopping (I hate shopping!!!). Thank heavens for the Internet - I have been able to do at least half my shopping on-line.

I have also been busy sorting out the house in time for our Italian exchange student, who has been with us since last Thursday and goes home tomorrow. Emily's room needed a massive turf out (14 years worth of toys!!). We said goodbye to all the Barbies and Polly Pockets.

Our student, Giorgia, is delightful and we have had a jolly time. We spent the day in London on Sunday and went to Harrods - total madness, as well as lunch at Planet Hollywood and then the London Eye in the evening.

My evenings over the last few weeks, have been spent preparing for our school Christmas fair. I had a stall selling crocheted corsages, hair clips and bird decorations. I did very well, it was very successful! Here is a selection of my wares . . .

So, I hope you can understand why I haven't been around much. Oh, did I mention that I went to see New Moon again?! Just as good second time around.
Time to go to bed now, it's been a long week and it's only Tuesday.
M x