Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mini Break in Durham - Day 3

We decided that we would head straight off after breakfast to see the Angel of the North. I've always wanted to see this sculpture, I know a lot of people don't like it, but I think there is something fascinating about it. I was really surprised when we got there, because it wasn't as big as I thought it would be, still very imposing, but smaller.

We drove on to Corbridge to see the remains of a Roman settlement near Hadrian's Wall. The weather at this point was vile - bitter cold and raining - marvellous summer weather! We didn't see much of the children while we were at Corbridge as they were too busy playing their own game amongst the ruins. There isn't any of the Wall at Corbridge, so we drove on further, eventually stopping at Steel Rigg to satisfy Mark's need to see it.

It was well past lunch time at this point, so we drove up to Alnwick where we had fish and chips (well Mark did - we had other things!) and I got to visit Barter Books. What a great bookshop, shame it's not more local cos I would be in there all the time!

Finally, with much nagging on Edward's part, and only because the weather had brightened up, we went to the beach. Mark had discovered a lovely beach called Druridge with 6 miles of sand and backed by sand dunes - fantastic! Edward was the first one down on the sand and digging. He was the only one who braved swimming in the sea - very cold. We spent a very pleasant hour and a half there.
After the beach, and still full from lunch, we popped in to Tesco on the way back to the hotel to grab some sandwiches and snacks. We weren't in the mood for Pizza Express as we had originally planned. Mark had a pint in the bar whilst the children and I watched television in the room. Edward was thrilled to stay up late and watch programmes he would generally not be able to watch at home!
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