Thursday, 29 July 2010

Joining Granny Squares

Today I decided to start joining my granny squares (after Edward telling me it was about time I did!). I had a little play around with the layout until I was happy with it, then I started crocheting them together. This is a brilliant method, much better than sewing. I must thank the lovely Lucy over at for her brilliant ideas.

This is the final version of the layout after much playing around. Look how lovely and neat it looks on the floor, just waiting to be joined together, until . . . . .

Sophie decided she needed a soft, luxurious, new bed!! Even after I had joined some together, she only laid on the single squares and managed to keep skittering them across the floor whilst she took her time to get comfortable!

I'm sure she knew she was making me cross, because she kept doing it all afternoon!

It's just as well I love her, even though I didn't feel the love yesterday morning when I was cleaning up mangled bird remains from the living room!!!
Have fun!
M x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Summer To-Do List

I have made a list in the right-hand sidebar of some things I would like to achieve during the summer holidays. I'm definitely a list type of girl, I like the sense of achievement when you can physically tick things off - it concentrates the mind!

  • Make lots of cards - well this one is easy I think! I like to have a box of ready made cards available so that I am always prepared. Also I have quite a few new things that I have not really had a chance to play with properly (Promarkers for instance) - so hopefully this will be my chance.

  • Make a menu planner for September - I don't know about you, but we seem to be keeping Tescos going single handed - we spend an awful lot of money in that shop! Life seems to run smoother during term time when meals are planned and shopped for in advance. I hate getting to 5 o'clock and having no idea what we are going to eat. It's not as easy as it seems though, because my children are terribly fussy - especially Edward. It makes planning meals very difficult. Like last night, I planned and shopped to make a Greek Pasta Bake - minced beef in a tomato sauce with macaroni and then topped with a white sauce - bit like Lasagne. Should have been safe - but no. Emily wouldn't eat it because it had onions in it and Edward just didn't like it - see what I mean!

  • Blitz Edward's room - This is going to be a mammoth task and not one I undertake lightly! Eleven years of not throwing anything away (him not me!!). Edward has the smallest room in the house but seems to have the most amount of possessions - he is usually extremely reluctant to get rid of anything. I have persuaded him that it is time to lose some of his toys as he is growing up and going to secondary school in September. This is not me being mean, but most things he hasn't touched for years. I am hoping that somehow (and I'm not sure if it is possible) we can squeeze a small desk in there - we shall see!

  • Read Wuthering Heights - I never have and it's about time I did!

  • Finish my granny square blanket - this is a must and I am crocheting at every opportunity. I am very determined (and I can't bear Mark moaning about another unfinished project!).

I don't think it's too big a list - three of the jobs are going to pleasant and the other two are necessary. Which me luck!

M x

Monday, 26 July 2010

I love lazy Sundays

Yesterday was the first really lazy day that I have had for ages. No jobs to do - no shopping, ironing, running around after the children, just a lovely day to unwind.

I popped to John Lewis on Saturday to buy some more wool for my blanket - I wish I had used something other than Rowan Cash Soft - it's soooooooo expensive, but it does feel so luxurious. I was very fortunate to be given some John Lewis vouchers from the children in my class as a thank you present, so I put some of them towards the little pile below.

I sat in the garden with my feet up, listening to U2 on my Ipod, crocheting granny squares - heavenly!!! The only thing missing was a glass of Pimms or Champagne. Note to self for next time!

Now the summer holidays have begun, I feel so much more relaxed - it's such a good feeling not living by the usual routine - I often feel in a rut, making packed lunches, ironing uniform, juggling timetables, after school activities etc. Six weeks of no routine - bring it on!!

M x

Friday, 23 July 2010

Some summery cards

This first card is for my niece's birthday tomorrow. It's from a kit that I bought ages ago from QVC - I like the colours and the funky images. I'll be making more of these over the next few weeks (I hope!).

The next card was made for my colleague as a thank you. I used my new Promarkers to colour the flowers and added a little bit of glitter in the middle of each flower. I really like this card and will hopefully make some variations on this theme.

The last card (slightly wonky!) is a birthday card for my colleague whose birthday is in the summer holidays. I used some new papers (Blossom) from Craftwork Cards which are simply beautiful.

I've had a lovely first day of the holidays. Emily didn't finish until this afternoon, but Edward and I have had a relaxing time, which included a late breakfast in town. I did spend an obscene amount of money on stationery supplies for when he starts his new school - who knew a few pens and pencils could cost so much??!!
M x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

What a day, what a week!!

Today has been rather an emotional one, as Edward had his final day at primary school. The years seem to have flown by so quickly I can't quite take it in. We had a very emotional leaver's assembly which I cried through from start to finish - as did Edward and many of his classmates.

It's been a really busy week at work, taking displays down and sending all the work home, never mind all the other activities going on - sports day, leaver's picnic etc. I'm so glad we have finished today because I don't think I've got any energy left for another day!

I'm looking forward to spending some time relaxing and having a slower pace for the next few weeks. Time to read (big pile of books waiting), make cards, catch up with friends and blitz Edward's room (not such fun!).


M x

Friday, 16 July 2010

Year 6 Production - Bugsy Malone

Last night Edward performed in his Year 6 play as Dandy Dan in Bugsy Malone. Even though I am obviously biased, he was absolutely marvellous. I never knew that he so much talent. All through his school career he has never been given the opportunity of a main role in any of the class plays, so to be given this role came out of nowhere. For a little chap (he's the smallest in his class), he commanded the stage. I am so proud of him.

What hit me yesterday, was the realisation that my little boy will be moving on to the next stage in his life very soon. Primary school cocoons them and now it is time to let them go off into a much bigger world and I have to say it has made me feel slightly wobbly. I've never thought about it too much because Edward can't wait to go to his new school, and after his transition day last week, that feeling was reinforced. But now, he only has 3 and half days left and I can feel my emotions churning. How I am going to get through the Leaver's Assembly is any one's guess!!
Have a great weekend everyone - our street is taking part in The Big Lunch on Sunday, so fingers crossed for the weather!
M x

Monday, 12 July 2010

Some recent cards

The first three cards are more handbag cards.

The next three cards are wedding cards made to order. It's really hard making cards for people you don't know so I hope they like them. I try to make cards I like - the person who commissioned them knows my style, so hopefully they will be okay.

(The card below is not a typical wedding card, but I thought it was elegant - I used some DCWV luxury papers in a sort of sage green.)

This final card was another special commission - for a lady who has been awarded an MBE and likes frogs!! I used my new Promarkers to colour in the frogs and I love the result - the colour is really solid, like it's been printed, and there are no brush marks - a good first attempt.

Hope your week is going well. Mine promises to be another busy one.
M x

Thursday, 8 July 2010


On Monday I went on a school trip to Kentwell House in Suffolk, for a Tudor re-enactment - what a truly great day we had!

We all had to dress up in Tudor clothes, which was a big ask me because I really do not like fancy dress! I managed to borrow a long black skirt from my mum (I don't wear skirts) and wore a white t-shirt with a black peasant style top over it - I didn't look too bad. I had to wear a large white apron and a little coif hat but as everybody was in the same boat it didn't matter.

We saw so much: soldiers and weapons, players who had us all dancing, a spice merchant. We visited the kitchens and saw and smelled all the delicious food they were preparing. Then we met the housekeeper, the school teacher, some of the gentry practising their dancing. We all stopped for the Angelus at midday. We saw butter and cheese being made, as well as bread and ale. We tried out different potions and cures like wormword to stop nail-biting. We visited the Camera Obscura, the vegetable and herb garden, the basket maker and bee keeper and finally the Alchemist. It really was great fun and the children enjoyed it immensely. The grounds are beautiful as you can see in the photos.

I have had a lot of trouble with this post. I have been trying to upload photos for three nights now with huge difficulty and finally had to upload them one at a time which took so long. I hate it when Blogger behaves like this - I very nearly gave up!
Off to get ready to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy - last week my heart was in my mouth!
Have fun.
M x

Sunday, 4 July 2010


After such an exciting day yesterday winning the camcorder, could the weekend get any better? Well, yes it could!!

This morning the four of us went to see the third instalment in the Twilight Saga - Eclipse. I loved this book more than New Moon and was really keen to see how it would translate to film. It was just amazing. The special effects were brilliant and Edward Cullen looked beautiful - Team Edward all the way!! Each film is very different, but they get better and better - so I've really high hopes for Breaking Dawn next year.

I was really worried that the cinema would be heaving and we would have bad seats, but it all went smoothly. I had preordered the tickets weeks ago - first showing of the day, 11.30am and whilst there were a fair few people there, but there was no queueing and lots of seats to choose from. It was a very happy experience!

If you have no idea what I'm rambling on about (how could you not of heard of Twilight??!!), please give it a go. The author is Stephenie Meyer and the order of reading is: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Give it a go!
I'm off to dream about Edward - byeee!
M x
Ye Olde Medieval Summer Fayre

Yesterday was our school's summer fare - the last one I will go to as a parent as Edward leaves the school in three weeks. We have been going to this event for the last 11 years - it's the end of an era.

It was a lovely afternoon, gorgeous weather (got a little bit burnt), lots to do and well supported. Edward had lots of fun on the huge, inflatable slide as you can see in the photo below. At one point I thought he was going to take off!

He also had a go at the fencing, which he enjoyed immensely. He didn't fare too well as his opponent was so much bigger. Luckily he is one of Edward's good friends and they had a lot of fun!
Then Edward had a go at archery, which he also enjoyed, and managed to hit a few of the targets.

We sat in the sun drinking Pimms and taking in the atmosphere. Hopefully a nice sum of money has been raised for the school. Our Parent and Friends Association worked so hard to make the afternoon a success. My afternoon ended on a high as I won first prize in the Grand Draw - a Flip HD camcorder! I couldn't believe it! One minute I was standing chatting to a friend, the next minute I heard my name being called over the PA!

It's such a dinky little thing - like a mobile phone, but the quality of the video is superb. I'll be having lots of fun with it over the summer (just need to keep it away from Emily!!).
M x