Sunday, 23 August 2009

Mini Break to Durham - Day 1

We've just got back from the lovely North East and have had a fantastic time. Again, I am going to blog this trip in stages, as uploading the photos frazzles me at the best of times, so day by day may save the nerves!

We left bright and early on Wednesday (7.00am on the dot!), and had a good journey up to Middleton-in-Teesdale, just stopping for breakfast en-route. We stopped to visit High Force waterfall, which is pretty spectacular. Emily decided to wear her joke spectacles for pretty much the whole trip to see how many funny looks she got - I suggested she stop counting because pretty much everyone stared at her! We took two photos of her every time - one with, one without!

We got to Durham in good time and headed straight for the city centre. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat, then head off to the cathedral. Durham is a beautiful city, quite small in the centre, but very nice. We found the Cafe Rouge on our way to the cathedral - our meal for later that evening.

This tower has 325 steps to the stop, I know because I climbed every single one of them, even though I nearly keeled over as a result! Emily persuaded me to do it and said I would be really proud of myself (which I was - eventually!). OMG it was hard work and we had to pay for the privilege! I was so dizzy by the time I got to the top that I couldn't really take in the views - hopefully Mark has got some good photos. Going down was also not such a pleasant experience for me because of my fear of falling down stairs - why do I put myself through these things?!
After a further mooch round the city centre, we went to our hotel, where we freshened up for our Cafe Rouge meal (nice food, nice people - terribly slow service), courtesy of Tesco vouchers. We were all pretty shattered by then after a really long day so it was off to bed.
Further installments tomorrow!
M x
Mark is chuffed - England has just won the Ashes!

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