Monday, 27 July 2009

Busy Weekend

Today I feel really tired. The weekend was so busy, that I need a day to catch up. Don't know why, but I am not really sleeping very well, and certainly am not able to sleep in - which is a tad annoying given that it is the summer holiday. Although having said that, the weather is certainly not summery - another day of rain (getting slightly tedious now!).

On Saturday we went up to Milton Keynes for my niece's 13th birthday. We went up early to do a couple of jobs before the party. We went to Ikea to get the small bookcase and a spare shelf for Edward's bookcase. Then we went to Costco to stock up on essentials, before calling in at Borders so that I could browse in Paperchase. Also tried to find out some info from a very helpful chap about Breaking Dawn - he couldn't find out any info about the paperback launch either - drat!

After that we headed off to my sister's house where we had a very nice time. Drank quite a lot of champagne sangria (far to nice) and had lots of delicious food. Mum made a Charis a great birthday cake.

Charis with her cake

We stayed until about 9pm, then made a move to go home. I was planning for us to go to Legoland the next day, so didn't want to be too late. We were all pretty tired by the time we got home, so didn't unpack all our goodies from the car - who wants to be carrying bookcases about at that time of night!

We got up really early the next day and left by 8.30 to go to Legoland. Luckily the weather looked quite promising so off we went. We got to Legoland just before 10am. It looked quite busy, but with our Merlin passes we avoided the queues (and saved ourselves over £100!).

We had a really great day and went on everything we wanted to go on. Slight problem with Tomb Raiders that broke down just as we were about to get on it (after queueing for 45 minutes!). It was sorted pretty quickly, so we did get to go on the ride - much to Ed's relief. We got a bit wet on the Viking river ride, and the Pirate Falls, but nowhere as wet as we did on Tidal Wave at Thorpe Parke! Ed was a bit nervous at the Jungle Coaster and the Dragon ride but he really enjoyed it.

Em and Ed at the Driving School

We had a really nice lunch in the pizza and pasta restaurant, made even better by getting 20% off with our Merlin passes!

We finally left to go home around 6.45. We did think that the traffic on the M4 and M25 was going to be a problem, but we decided to head towards Beaconsfield, Amersham and Chesham and were home at 8.30 - not bad at all. We all had a really great day.

Today, we are having a lazy day. As I write, Mark has taken Ed to see Transformers 2 (rather him than me, I had to endure the first one!), and Em is still in bed . She is going to start her homework today, not that she is too keen. We are off to Buntingford to see the Mother-in-Law and have dinner there. Apart from that, it will be catching up on some jobs and building a bookcase. Sounds like fun!

M x

Friday, 24 July 2009

And Another Rainy Day!

After the heavy downpours yesterday, I was hopeful that we had seen the last of the rain for the time being - sadly not! As I blog, it is lashing, down with thunder directly overhead. Ed is playing out in this, so goodness only knows what he will be like when he makes it home.

Today is my niece's birthday and she text me to say she loved the card - what a relief, because I wasn't too sure. Speaking of cards, I have made 5 today - two designs. Yesterday I did the water colouring (with Ed uttering those dreaded words "can I help you Mummy?"). I set him up with some painting of his own, and we both quietly got on with our work.

This morning, whilst waiting for a Tesco delivery I set about making the cards and I am very pleased with the results - hopefully the photos do them justice. The stamps are my new Kay Carley Funky Flowers. I used the new Craftwork Cards Dotty papers and some plain textured cardstock from DCWV.

I used a little bit of crystal Stickles to add a little bit of glitz. I'm really pleased to have had the time to do these, as often my card making is a little bit rushed.

A friend from work popped round for coffee to discuss our trip to London in a few weeks to go to the National Gallery. We both went there a few months ago on a school trip and would to have spent more time looking at the paintings, but we were a bit rushed. So a girly day out with lunch and maybe a trip to Covent Garden is the order of the day.

This afternoon was a bit tedious - the grand "blitzing" plan on the kids' bedrooms is not quite going according to my plan. Let's just say Em is somewhat reluctant to pull her finger out! I had to do her desk with her, not how I had planned to spend the afternoon - was going to make more cards. Never mind - there is always the week when the kids are at Mum and Dad's.

I did find time yesterday to watch Twilight again - mmm I love Robert Pattison. Am slightly miffed because I can't find any info on Amazon about Breaking Dawn coming out in paperback. I hope they haven't pulled the release. A while ago, the release date was 6th August, now it is not even on the website - I am very confused.

(Ed just returned, looking like a drowned rat!!).

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Champagne Wednesday!

After a rather tedious day of "blitzing" the children's bedrooms, what better way to end it with a glass (or 2 or 3) or champagne?! Pure bliss!

Of course, the bedrooms are not even nearly finished - there is a long, long way to go. At least one bin bag of junk went in the wheelie bin - major achievement as Ed never wants to throw anything away. I now have some boxes of things that we are intending to Car Boot, plus a few bags of clothes to pass on to others - so things are looking up. Em has been through all her clothes and been quite ruthless which was entirely essential.

Only two weeks to go until Breaking Dawn is released in paperback - can't wait. Hope the books don't have the stupid red edging that I have seen recently - it will ruin the symmetry of my collection!

Needless to say I will have to buy two copies, one for me and one for Em. Am really hoping I can get them on offer - or Em might have to buy her own!

Have fun! M x

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rainy Tuesday!

Am getting slightly bored with the rain now. Whilst I found the heatwave week hard to cope with, a happy medium of dry weather would be nice. Ed is desperate to go out and play, and Em's plan for a picnic has been radically changed!

I started the day with a little bit of "blitzing" (one of my summer plans) of Ed's room. Today we tackled his clothes. Because I get a lot of clothes passed on to me for Ed, we seem to be drowning in them. I have been very disciplined in what to keep and what to pass on to someone else. I made a very small dent in the chaos of his room. Just need Mark to pick up a shelf from Ikea and then I can tackle his hundreds of books.

After dropping Em off at her friend's house, have spent the morning crocheting my hexagon blanket. Have had to stop now, as my hands are aching. I found the pattern on a great blog called Attic24 (see sidebar for link). Lucy in her attic has given me loads on inspiration - particularly her flowers and bag - check it out.
Here's a couple of photos of my work in progress.

Whilst crocheting, I have indulged myself with a film, The Jane Austen Book Club (clearing it off my Sky planner - another holiday task!) and a little bit of crafting on QVC (only a small purchase I promise!).

No karate for the children tonight, as Em did not get back from her friend's house til 5.30. At least Mark can sit and relax with a glass of wine.

I found some really yummy photos of Robert Pattinson on a website today - there are too many gorgeous ones to post so I shall add a couple to give you a taster. Here goes:

Mmmm - delish! M x

Monday, 20 July 2009

It's the holidays!

Well, good morning and welcome to the first proper day of the summer holidays. It made me feel really happy to wake up to sunshine this morning, so fingers crossed the rain has gone.

The weekend was lovely and relaxed without the worry of work on Monday - a Sunday morning without ironing, that's a novelty. We had a lovely evening on Saturday with our friends, apart from a few singed items of clothing from stray flying pieces of hot ash from the BBQ!

Yesterday was a day for chilling. Our son went to the final cricket of the season, which he is going to miss. Really must see about him joining a cricket club for next season. Our daughter went out with her boyfriend W (her first!) and then brought him home. I wish I had some warning as the house was a tip as usual. He seems very nice. He goes away to Spain tomorrow so I don't know what she will be like when he is away! I took the opportunity to make a couple of cards - yes I finally made the one for my niece, as well as one for my daughter's friend. (Well I have tried to upload the photos twice - I will have to wait for M or for my daughter E. I bet it is something really obvious - but heigh ho!).

My niece's birthday card.

E's friend's birthday card (she likes pandas!).

(As I said, my husband was able to add the photos - typical! I can take some comfort in the fact that it wasn't straightforward to him either!!).

M, my husband cooked a new recipe from a Caribbean cookbook that I have just bought. It was a ginger and chilli flavoured chicken with tagliatelle - yum. We are trying to be better organised with meals and planning for September, so M doesn't spend every evening in Tesco trying to decide what we should have for dinner! So one plan this summer holiday is to try and come up with a two week menu plan of food that we will all eat - no small feat I can assure you. Will keep you posted.

Daughter and I have lots of programmes to catch up over the next few days - we at least 6 Gossip Girls to watch, so I am off to watch one of them now, before she disappears with boyfriend W to go and see the new Harry Potter (it's not fair I want to see it!).

See you. M x

Saturday, 18 July 2009

The summer holidays have started!

Well, we have finally broken up for the summer holidays - what a relief. This last week seems to have been a very long week indeed. It was an emotional final day, watching a children move on to new classes and new schools. I was quite drained by the time I got home. But what a day weather wise! By the time school had ended, the weather had taken a turn for the worst and was raining so hard, which it continued to do all night.

I spent the evening chilling out in front of the TV with a glass of wine and some Crunchie chocolate, mmm heaven! I was really looking forward to watching the new prog about vampires called True Blood. It wasn't quite what I thought it was. I didn't realise the language would be as bad as it was, but I should have realised as it was from HBO. It was OK and I'm going to stick with it to see how it shapes up, but at this stage I still prefer Twilight. It has an interesting take on the mind reading thing - a sort of reverse to Twilight. Anyway we will see. (Twilight factors heavily in my life as you will find out).

Today I have just chilled - more TV and reading (finished Jill Mansell's Rumour Has It). Should have been making cards, specifically for my niece who will be 13 on Friday - well there is always tomorrow. Am off to visit friends for dinner (husband driving!). We could have stayed over, but have promised our son that he could go to the last cricket of the season tomorrow. Really looking forward to catching up with them.

M x

Monday, 13 July 2009

Welcome to my blog.

The aim of this blog is to document my six weeks summer holiday at home with the children. Having never blogged before, I am also testing myself to improve my computer skills. I am feeling a bit bewildered already!!

This blog is not necessarily going to be the most exciting you will read, as I don't think I lead the most exciting life, but I am trying to prove that I can do this without asking for too much help from my other half.

With only four more days of school left, I am on serious wind down mode. The blog officially opens once the school holidays begin. With no summer holiday planned, will there be enough to keep us all busy - time will tell!!

My immediate plan is to read plenty and to make lots of cards, as well as continue crocheting my blanket of hexagons (more of that later). There will be plenty of film watching and listening to music - sounds good to me!!

M x