Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Orange Wednesday!

We have been having a quiet few days this week and Edward is feeling much better after his bike incident on Monday, thank goodness.

For the first time ever, I left Emily in charge of both of them yesterday so that I could out for a drink with a friend. I was out for about three hours, back in time for a late lunch. They were fine in my absence, just watched some television. I wasn't as anxious as I thought I would be, which is great as it means I can and will do it again.

Today Emily met up with her boyfriend, the first time she has seen him in over three weeks. Unfortunately the weather was so appalling that they soon turned up here and played on the Wii together with Edward.

Mark came home early because we had planned to go and see the new Harry Potter film. All five of went, even though Emily and Will had already seen it. We enjoyed it a lot, although I did prefer the book. Like most films, they have had to cut great chunks of the story out of it, which is understandable, but a shame.

Tomorrow Emily is out with her group of friends and Edward is going to Sam's with Matthew, so I'll have a quiet day - catching up on my programmes, crocheting and making cards. Bliss!!

M x

PS - am loving the Charlaine Harris books, a vampire love story again!

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