Monday, 22 August 2011

Super Cute Felt

Just wanted to share with you this lovely book that has just arrived from Amazon.  It's truly amazing!  I'm really taken with the magenta and coral flower brooch that's on the front cover - it's so pretty.  It's full of gorgeous projects.

The problem is, it's another hobby - to go with the card making and paper crafts, the crochet, baking etc, which means more paraphernalia!!  Mark will go nuts!  He's already fed up with my card making stash taking over the house.  We'll have to keep this one secret from him lol!

If you get a moment you should check out the author's blog here .

Quick update on my Christmas cards - I've made 63!!!!!  There will be photos soon, but my trusty scanner person (Mark) is just not getting on with the job!!

Take care

M x 

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