Monday, 15 August 2011


OK, so here are the final pages of my Moleskine Journal.  This first set is about my present status - married, kids, pets etc and the accompanying page is about my home and my favourite way of relaxing.  I think I was supposed to use a brayer on these pages. I do own one but for the life of me I can't remember where it is, and to be honest I couldn't be bothered to look for it!  It's been years since I have needed it.

These two pages are about my handbag and make-up and perfume.  I tried to replicate my current bag, which is my beloved Cath Kidston day bag.  We were supposed to draw around the items and label them, but I thought it would be better to use a handbag template and take a photo and then list the contents of my bag.

These two pages are about my writing and music.  I haven't answered all the questions because I am still thinking of the answers.  I find it difficult to narrow down my favourite music (or anything really) because it depends on my mood at the time.
OK, on to family and friends,  Wasn't too sure about spraying ink through a doily, but quite like the effect in the end.  I quite like the splodges too, obviously I intended them to be there lol!

And the final two pages are about food and drink.  This was supposed to be one page but I had pages to spare and thought it would look better spread out.

And that is that!  As I said before, I still have the tags to do - just the twenty of them!  But I think I am just going to wash them with coloured ink to match each page.  It's more about what is written on them, but that dear readers is for my eyes only!

Thanks to Kirsty Wiseman  for producing such a great class.  I am so pleased I took the plunge.  It's been liberating.

M x

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  1. Hello and thanks for commenting on my blog! That puppy alarm clock sounds pretty enthusiastic! Well obviously that led me here and I am marvelling at your Moleskine pages. They are superb, really inspiring. I am off to check out the link now :)