Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sunday at the Beach

On Sunday we took Chloe for her first trip to the beach.  Emily has been champing at the bit to do this for weeks.  It was quite tricky to find a suitable beach that allowed dogs off the lead, one that wasn't too far from where we live.  In the end we had to go to the Suffolk coast where dogs are allowed on the beaches all year round.  The beach was actually 100 miles from home, a two hour journey.  I was very anxious because Chloe doesn't really like going in the car!  She wasn't too bad in the end, maybe she resigned herself to it.

The beach was at Sizewell, famous for its rather ugly power station right by the beach.  But the actual beach was really nice.  There was a very reasonably priced car park close by, a little beach cafe and toilets - perfect!  We took a picnic and our camping chairs and we were all set.

Chloe loved the beach and had great fun tearing up and down.  She didn't like the water however, and nothing could persuade her to dip a paw in the water.

It was a long way to go, but we had a lovely relaxed family day out.  Even the journey home wasn't too bad, as Chloe was exhausted and slept for a lot of it.

It looks like she had fun doesn't it.

M x

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