Sunday, 14 August 2011

Christmas Cards 2011

So, I finally got round to starting my Christmas cards yesterday.  I didn't think inspiration would strike as I couldn't feel less like Christmas if I tried!  Anyway, once as I had spread out my papers and embellishments things started to happen.

I am using last year's papers from Craftwork Cards called Trim the Tree which I bought in the sale.  I have two colourways - the first is the pink and black that I have used below, and the other is purple and lime green which I will use when I have exhausted the possibilities of the pink/black.

I'm using different sized cards this year.  I usually use a 12cm square or a 15cm square.  This year I have decided to use a 10cm square and the standard A6 sizes.

I have gone for simple styles, I don't like anything too fussy.  I love the modern, contemporary feel of these papers - I have never been very keen on the traditional style with red, green and gold, or the really cute images either.

Altogether I managed to make 17 cards - not a bad afternoon's work.  I made 2 of each design where possible.  Some designs have not been scanned yet, waiting for the glitter glue to dry.  So more to show you another day.  I have to make around 70 cards, so still a way to go. That will keep me quiet over the next couple of days!

Have a great Sunday.

M x

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