Thursday, 29 July 2010

Joining Granny Squares

Today I decided to start joining my granny squares (after Edward telling me it was about time I did!). I had a little play around with the layout until I was happy with it, then I started crocheting them together. This is a brilliant method, much better than sewing. I must thank the lovely Lucy over at for her brilliant ideas.

This is the final version of the layout after much playing around. Look how lovely and neat it looks on the floor, just waiting to be joined together, until . . . . .

Sophie decided she needed a soft, luxurious, new bed!! Even after I had joined some together, she only laid on the single squares and managed to keep skittering them across the floor whilst she took her time to get comfortable!

I'm sure she knew she was making me cross, because she kept doing it all afternoon!

It's just as well I love her, even though I didn't feel the love yesterday morning when I was cleaning up mangled bird remains from the living room!!!
Have fun!
M x


  1. Ooh look, Sophie's got a new toy! And I bet you thought you were making that blanket for you!

  2. Your blanket looks the colours and the way you have laid it out. I have just finished my first granny square cushion after being inspird by the lovely and very talented Lucy to take up crochet again after nearly 30 years of last doing it. Keep up the good work. Wendy x