Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Good Morning!

How are you doing? I've been really busy recently - but in a good way!

On Saturday we went to Corby to visit some friends - it was just Mark, Edward and myself. Emily didn't want to come, so she went to the cinema with a friend to see Toy Story 3. We had a good time as we haven't seen these friends for a while.

On Sunday I started to make a mini book of photos of the children from my mother-in-law who will be celebrating her 80th birthday on Thursday. I made all the pages and mounted all the photos but stopped at that point because I had been at it all day.

Yesterday I put the book together - just got to stick the letters and flowers on today and will hopefully get to show you tomorrow. I spent a lot of yesterday blitzing Edward's room but even though we filled two bin bags, we have barely scratched the surface.

Today's tasks are to finish the book, make an 80th birthday card and to spend some more time in Edward's room.

I'm signing off for now - having lots of problems with my computer this morning, think it wants a nap!

Have a good day and catch you later.

M x

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