Thursday, 8 July 2010


On Monday I went on a school trip to Kentwell House in Suffolk, for a Tudor re-enactment - what a truly great day we had!

We all had to dress up in Tudor clothes, which was a big ask me because I really do not like fancy dress! I managed to borrow a long black skirt from my mum (I don't wear skirts) and wore a white t-shirt with a black peasant style top over it - I didn't look too bad. I had to wear a large white apron and a little coif hat but as everybody was in the same boat it didn't matter.

We saw so much: soldiers and weapons, players who had us all dancing, a spice merchant. We visited the kitchens and saw and smelled all the delicious food they were preparing. Then we met the housekeeper, the school teacher, some of the gentry practising their dancing. We all stopped for the Angelus at midday. We saw butter and cheese being made, as well as bread and ale. We tried out different potions and cures like wormword to stop nail-biting. We visited the Camera Obscura, the vegetable and herb garden, the basket maker and bee keeper and finally the Alchemist. It really was great fun and the children enjoyed it immensely. The grounds are beautiful as you can see in the photos.

I have had a lot of trouble with this post. I have been trying to upload photos for three nights now with huge difficulty and finally had to upload them one at a time which took so long. I hate it when Blogger behaves like this - I very nearly gave up!
Off to get ready to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy - last week my heart was in my mouth!
Have fun.
M x

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