Monday, 26 July 2010

I love lazy Sundays

Yesterday was the first really lazy day that I have had for ages. No jobs to do - no shopping, ironing, running around after the children, just a lovely day to unwind.

I popped to John Lewis on Saturday to buy some more wool for my blanket - I wish I had used something other than Rowan Cash Soft - it's soooooooo expensive, but it does feel so luxurious. I was very fortunate to be given some John Lewis vouchers from the children in my class as a thank you present, so I put some of them towards the little pile below.

I sat in the garden with my feet up, listening to U2 on my Ipod, crocheting granny squares - heavenly!!! The only thing missing was a glass of Pimms or Champagne. Note to self for next time!

Now the summer holidays have begun, I feel so much more relaxed - it's such a good feeling not living by the usual routine - I often feel in a rut, making packed lunches, ironing uniform, juggling timetables, after school activities etc. Six weeks of no routine - bring it on!!

M x

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