Friday, 16 July 2010

Year 6 Production - Bugsy Malone

Last night Edward performed in his Year 6 play as Dandy Dan in Bugsy Malone. Even though I am obviously biased, he was absolutely marvellous. I never knew that he so much talent. All through his school career he has never been given the opportunity of a main role in any of the class plays, so to be given this role came out of nowhere. For a little chap (he's the smallest in his class), he commanded the stage. I am so proud of him.

What hit me yesterday, was the realisation that my little boy will be moving on to the next stage in his life very soon. Primary school cocoons them and now it is time to let them go off into a much bigger world and I have to say it has made me feel slightly wobbly. I've never thought about it too much because Edward can't wait to go to his new school, and after his transition day last week, that feeling was reinforced. But now, he only has 3 and half days left and I can feel my emotions churning. How I am going to get through the Leaver's Assembly is any one's guess!!
Have a great weekend everyone - our street is taking part in The Big Lunch on Sunday, so fingers crossed for the weather!
M x

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