Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New Project, New Addition . . .

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend, wasn't the weather absolutely gorgeous?! We had a lovely time, albeit very busy.

Last week I mentioned that I had started a new crochet project. It's a new Granny Square blanket and it only took two days to make. I used left over wool from my Dream Blanket and alternated with cream (hope I've left enough to finish the border on my Dream Blanket!!). I chose purples and pinks to make it girly. Can you guess who it is for?

I'm hoping you are not jumping to the wrong conclusions - I am far too old for all that baby malarkey! Here's another clue - have you got it yet?

Ta-dah - introducing Chloe, our 8 week old black Labrador. She's such a cutie and she knows it!

We collected her from the breeder on Saturday afternoon and our life has changed so much since. Whilst she is adorable, she is quite a lot of hard work. Everything has had to be moved out of her way, she wants to sleep on us all the time (bad habit I know), and we are having sleepless nights because she doesn't like going in her cage. It's so hard being firm with her when she gives us her cute look.

We are so in love with her, she's such a pretty girl. It's funny though, because I always said I would never have a dog. I'm much more of a cat person. But obviously circumstances change and here we are. Watch this space for further updates - although I'll try not become obsessed!

Have a great day, we are off to the vets for her first set of jabs and micro chipping.

M x


  1. Cute blanket, but oh my, what a cute pup! She looks so sweet. You can become as obsessed as you like!

  2. I was about to gush about your blanket, but it's been eclipsed by the gorgeous new addition to your family! I'm a cat person too, but after seeing your pictures I could definitely be persuaded!