Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Weekend Break in Wiltshire - Day 1

We have just had a lovely weekend away in Wiltshire and the weather was glorious. It was wonderful to be able to walk around with no jackets on, we were very lucky.

Our first stop was Avebury Stone Circle. The last time I went there was over ten years ago, it was a bitter January day and I had raging earache - ended up in Swindon Casualty, ear infection! So not such happy memories. However, our experience on Saturday soon put pay to that! The sun was shining, the children were happy and I had no ear pain!

After an ice-cream, we headed off to Winchester. I've never been there before, even though I used to live in Salisbury and it is not so far away. We really enjoyed it, great shops, particularly this one! Edward spotted it way before I did, and it would have been rude not to pay a visit! I've never been in a CK store before so it was definitely a must. I did make a couple of small purchases which I will share another time.

The Council Offices and The Great Hall - beautiful buildings. Edward enjoyed seeing the Round Table.

Winchester Cathedral. Very nice, but not as impressive as Salisbury (although I am a bit biased!!).

Then after a quick bite of lunch, we headed off to Stonehenge. I had been here a couple of times. Mark has seen it and so has Emily (on the way back from her Year 6 trip to Torquay), but Edward had never been and was keen to go. It was, of course, heaving! But we still managed to be able to take lots of photos. It never fails to impress me, although from the road side it is not as imposing as you think. A different story close up.

We had a lovely day, and were pretty pooped by the time we got back to our hotel. After a short rest we headed out to Pizza Express for yummy meal. And then an early night.

M x

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