Monday, 11 April 2011

Highgate Cemetery When we were first going out, Mark took me on a date to Highgate Cemetery which caused much mickey taking at work at the time. However, it was one of the most romantic dates we went on. The weather wasn't very kind to us, in fact it was raining, but sharing a large golfing umbrella with Mark whilst on a tour round such a beautiful setting was a day I've never forgotten. We took the children there on Saturday afternoon, different weather this time, it was glorious sunshine. About 20 years have passed since Mark and I first went there together. The one thing that I noticed was different was that the Friends of Highgate Cemetery had done a lot of work clearing the area so that more of the graves were visible. The pity of this I feel is that it changed the feel of the place. I liked the overhanging trees, the dark canopy - I liked the feeling of decay. It's a fine line I guess between letting the place rot away and sympathetic restoration. Maybe I just viewed it from rose tinted glasses. Still, I really enjoyed the return visit, and the children were impressed by the beauty of the place. See for yourself.

I really recommend a visit if your are in the area. The guided tour last about an hour and costs £7 each, but you can go in the public side for £3 per person. Next door is Waterlowe Park - a gorgeous place to sit in the sun whilst the children play, and there is a rather nice cafe which is not too outrageously priced.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I'm having quite a relaxed first day of the Easter holidays (apart from getting Emily to do her GCSE coursework, but that was never going to be easy!!). Hope you are having a good one too.

M x


  1. Sounds like a lovely outing! I love visiting Cemetary's. There is something so calming about them. I love to read the tombstones and try and think what that person would have been like. Must pay a visit there, your photos really make me want to go! Thank you for a lovely post!

    Vanessa xx

    p.s one of my first dates with my husband, he took me to the top of Heathrow carpark to watch the planes fly in! He thought it was am still undecided after 20 years!!!!!!

  2. I lived in London for six years, but never went there, silly me, it looks so interesting. I knew Karl Marx was buried there, but have just googled it and found people like Douglas Adams and Malcolm Maclaren are buried there too, it must be fascinating.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    When my husband and I first started going out we visited graveyards too (all the best couples!) - we visited George Orwell, Churchill and Asquith.
    Thanks for the photos - fascinating!

    a-m x