Monday, 16 August 2010

Wuthering Heights

Last week I decided to undertake one of my holiday tasks and read Wuthering Heights. Not without trepidation I might add - suppose I didn't like it, or found it too hard going. I hate giving up on books and I was imagining it taking me weeks to plough through it. Also, I didn't have a crisp new Penguin Classic, no not me.

This is my copy of the book. It's so old that the cover has come away from the rest of the book, and the pages are so brittle that they kept cracking. The type is really small and it made it very hard to read. I don't even know where I got this book from, all I know is that I have had it for years and never read it.
Until now that is . . . and I must say, I couldn't put it down. Why haven't I read it before? I can't really explain why I like it - the characters aren't even very nice. I didn't have much sympathy for Cathy and Heathcliffe, and even Catherine and Linton came across as quite bratty - but there is something about that book that is quite compulsive. I know what I will read it again at some point (although I might invest in a crisp, shiny new book!).

The rest of the holiday tasks are coming a long quite nicely. Edward's room is done and I'm very happy about how that went. Just need to get his desk sorted after we come back from our holiday. I've had a bit of a card making session last week, but am hoping to get some more done this week. My blanket is looking great. I'm just finishing up the last few squares and then I've got the edging to do. The only thing I haven't done is the Menu Planner, and quite frankly that's the hardest job of all. My children are really fussy and generally I can plan a meal for three of us and there is always one person who won't eat it - usually Edward. Heigh ho!

Have a good day.

M x

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  1. So glad you liked Wuthering, it's quite intense, isn't it? Do you remember I said my teacher wanted us all to feel sorry for Heathcliffe, and I didn't so she gave my essay a 'D'? Grrr! Your copy is lovely, by the way.