Monday, 30 August 2010

Back from holiday

Just got back from our holiday in Northumberland, which was great by the way. More of that later - with lots and lots of photos! Also got lots of crafty things to share - later.

We had some sad news while we were away - our beloved Sophie died the day we went. We left really early in the morning and she died that evening. We understand that she just laid down and died. Our friends who were looking after her phoned us with the news the next day. I felt so sorry for them having to tell us but I would rather know than come home to it like we did the previous year with our other cat Molly.

Sophie was such a special cat, so affectionate and she had a great personality. We got her when she was an eight week old kitten and we had her for 17 and a half years. She was well known and well loved by all the neighbours - she had a particular fondness for a newly clean, warm, car bonnet!

We miss her terribly - the house just doesn't seem right without her.

M x

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