Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mother-in-Law's Birthday

This is the card I made for my mother-in-law who will be celebrating her 80th birthday tomorrow. I have to confess that I left it til the last minute because I find her very difficult to make cards for. I hope she likes it.

She's also very difficult to buy for, and as she gets older, it gets more difficult. At her request, we've bought her some new gardening shears - not very exciting - but they're what she wants. We've arranged for some flowers to be delivered and we'll get her some chocolates too, but I decided to make her a little mini book or brag book from the children of recent photos of them.

I spent all of Sunday making it, as well as some time on Monday and Tuesday. I'm very proud of it and hope she likes it (I almost wanted to keep it for me!!). There are twenty photos - Emily doesn't like all of them but I deliberately chose some quirky, funny ones as well as the posed for ones.

I used paper from a couple of massive paper stacks that I bought from QVC ages ago - can't remember the company, but they were perfect for this project, as no two pages are the same. Used my trusty Bind-it-All to put it together.
This week has been a bit dull and stressy. I've spent too much time in Edward's room sorting it out and it still looks a mess. At the moment my bed is covered with all the toys he wants to get rid of. The problem is - what to do with them in the meantime. I just keep shifting them from one place to another. The intention is to take them to a car boot sale, but I am worried that we are running out of weekends - this coming weekend we must move the furniture around in Edward's room - it's the only weekend possible before we go on holiday. We went to Ikea yesterday to get some shelves for the living room and priced up a desk for him - just hope it will fit once we move everything around.
I wish I had done this job sooner and not let it get so bad, but it is only now with Edward about to start secondary school, that he accepts that he has to have a big clear out. He has been very good and I am so proud of him.
That's all for now folks!! Cheerio!
M x

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  1. The photo album's brilliant. When my grandmother was 80 she was in a home, so even more difficult to buy for as she only had the one room to herself. I bought her a beautiful vase so she could have flowers to brighten things up. Love the card, too. How do you do such big numbers? (You did a 21st similar, didn't you?)