Saturday, 9 October 2010

Treats for Me!

Because I haven't been feeling so good recently, I thought I deserved a little treat (or 3!). My first came in a beautifully wrapped package - it felt like my birthday.

Some beautiful acrylic paints from here that I took a fancy to at Alexandra Palace a few weeks ago. There are 10 colours in the range, and I ordered blue, green, purple, teal and white. I'm saving my pennies for the other five.

My second treat is another paper stack. This one is from My Mind's Eye and is called Complete Boy. It's not just for boys, but it's certainly less feminine. I have quite a lot of girlie coloured paper so I bought this one for a change. It's got a very "shabby chic" look about it.

My final treat is a stamp called Prom Queen by Stampotique. Again, I took a liking to it at Alexandra Palace but decided not to buy it, but when I got home I wished I had. So I did! I don't know how much I will use it, but I love the image. It reminds me of my daughter a little bit and her style - although she is not as extreme as this I hasten to add!

Must get back to my note cards - have been making another three sets today, and I've been playing around with some Distress Ink pads. Hopefully I will get to show them to you tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
M x
P.S. I've been having problems uploading my photos to Blogger today - waiting 20 mins and still no photos. So my lovely hubby has been showing me how to resize and crop my photos and they uploaded in less than 2 mins!

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  1. Acrylic paints are on my Christmas list, let me know what you get up to with them. The stamp looks like something out of The Corpse Bride! I have finally finished The Time Traveler's Wife (and would never have thought about the spelling if it wasn't for you!) and absolutely loved it.