Friday, 29 October 2010


Yesterday we went to our local farm shop to choose our pumpkin for Halloween. We couldn't persuade the children away from the traditional orange version - but look at the glorious Autumnal colours in the photo below.

It was tricky getting this photo as Edward wouldn't keep still, he kept running off - it was like shopping with a toddler!

My day of baking didn't quite go according to plan today. I had one batch of chocolate cupcakes mixed and ready to cook when I discovered that the element had gone in my main oven. I did cook then in the top oven but I'm not sure they have been successful - they seemed to need nearly twice the cooking time, and they don't look as spongy as usual. I was keen to make some Whoopie Pies from my new book, but they will have to wait until another day.
Have a great weekend.
M x
P.S Thanks for the kind comments from yesterday's post. Emily's dress is hanging on the dining room door and every time I have walked past it today I've given it a little stroke!


  1. I love the colours! We got our pumpkin from the farm across the road, I thought they had a good selection, but it's nothing on yours! The Little People spent a happy hour digging monsters eyes, sick and gooey witches hair out of the inside of our pumpkin (vivid imaginations...). It's all carved and ready for tomorrow night now, the question is will my husband let me hang spiders in the porch? He hates them!
    Take care hope your hip pain gets sorted out!


    P.S Love the Tinkerbell outfit, my Little Miss would kill for one!

  2. Gosh the Tinkerbell outfit is gorgeous! Well done you. You have inspired me to get my machine out again.
    Sorry about the pain you are suffering. I know from personal experience just how wearing that can be. Just hang on in there, and hope tomorrow is a bettter day. Love Wendyxx