Sunday, 3 October 2010

Miserable Sunday

So here I am sitting snuggled under my granny blanket, watching Sex and the City Season 3, glad I am not out in this filthy weather.

I have to say that apart form a niggly sore throat and cough, I am feeling much better. So back to work tomorrow. Thanks for the kind messages, people. Emily is feeling better too - so much so that she has gone out without a coat or sweatshirt, in a thin shirt, in the RAIN! I tried to tell her, but what do I know??!! She did at least take the proffered umbrella, but I bet she doesn't use it. She better not have a relapse!!

I have been busy making note cards and also finishing off some flower brooches. Hopefully I will have something to show you soon (just waiting for Mark to get back from Tesco so that he can scan the cards!).

Stay in the warm and dry and have a good Sunday.

M x

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