Wednesday, 2 June 2010


After many weeks of decorating and unpacking boxes, I finally had my ta-dah moment to my family and friends on Sunday for Edward's birthday party. The house (well downstairs!) has never looked so tidy and probably never will again! I'm so proud of it and Mark for all his hard work.

(Note craft shelves in the corner!).

Obviously it wouldn't be a party with a couple of dozen cupcakes - chocolate at Edward's request and Emily chose the mauve colour for the vanilla flavoured ones.

My mum made Edward's birthday cake - the only thing he stipulated was that it had to be chocolate! It's the biggest chocolate cake I've ever seen! It's got Smarties and mini marshmallows around the bottom - yum!

Here's the boy opening his last couple of presents - money from his Godmother and cricket stumps from Grandma. One very happy 11 year old!

And finally - again at Edward's request - the chocolate fountain. It's a lot of fuss for melted chocolate, but the children enjoyed it. Even better, Mark cleaned it afterwards instead of me (it's a bit of a pig to do - result!!).

A happy day!
Enjoy your Wednesday. Take care.
M x

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