Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New Work In Progress

Hello everyone! How's your week going? Work has been rather busy for me this week, we are on a deadline to finish all our display boards by next Friday and we have rather a lot going on. Then today it would seem that the teacher I work with and myself have been volunteered to do one of the main school boards - that'll teach us for being so creative with our own work!

I'm having a slightly difficult week because Mark is away in France all week (Sunday morning through to Friday) and I hate it when he goes away. Things always seem to go wrong when he's not here. It hasn't been too bad - apart from suspected credit card fraud and a truculent almost 15 year old (who will apparently return to normal in the next few years - we can but hope!!). Bit worried about my cat Sophie who doesn't seem to be herself. She is over 17 so I know we probably won't have her for too much longer, but she is worrying me. She wedged herself behind the washing machine last night, poor old thing.

Anyway, here's a little sneaky peek at a new project that I started on Saturday, along with my cute new bag from Paperchase ( I LOVE that shop!!).

I've been wanting to make some Granny Squares for ages but didn't want to buy anymore yarn, so I thought I would use up the Rowan Cashsoft that has been sitting in my basket since I made the flower corsages at Christmas. I chose the stronger, darker colours and kept all the squares to just one colour.

Of course I did have to buy a couple of other colours, the Navy and Forest Green of the top squares in the photo. I'm going to edge it all in cream.
The finished article is going to be a snuggle blanket for me for when I am feeling poorly or just need to feel cosy (and I probably won't share it with anyone else!!!!)
Hoping there will be more to show in a couple of days - it's all SO exciting!!
M x

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  1. The bag is very cute! Crochet is on my 'to-do' list but I can't start anything new until Daughter 2's wedding is out of the way. I think we all thought summer would bring a bit of a slow-down, but it certainly isn't happening round here!
    Pop over to my blog when you get the chance, I've got another 'book challenge' for you!