Monday, 20 July 2009

It's the holidays!

Well, good morning and welcome to the first proper day of the summer holidays. It made me feel really happy to wake up to sunshine this morning, so fingers crossed the rain has gone.

The weekend was lovely and relaxed without the worry of work on Monday - a Sunday morning without ironing, that's a novelty. We had a lovely evening on Saturday with our friends, apart from a few singed items of clothing from stray flying pieces of hot ash from the BBQ!

Yesterday was a day for chilling. Our son went to the final cricket of the season, which he is going to miss. Really must see about him joining a cricket club for next season. Our daughter went out with her boyfriend W (her first!) and then brought him home. I wish I had some warning as the house was a tip as usual. He seems very nice. He goes away to Spain tomorrow so I don't know what she will be like when he is away! I took the opportunity to make a couple of cards - yes I finally made the one for my niece, as well as one for my daughter's friend. (Well I have tried to upload the photos twice - I will have to wait for M or for my daughter E. I bet it is something really obvious - but heigh ho!).

My niece's birthday card.

E's friend's birthday card (she likes pandas!).

(As I said, my husband was able to add the photos - typical! I can take some comfort in the fact that it wasn't straightforward to him either!!).

M, my husband cooked a new recipe from a Caribbean cookbook that I have just bought. It was a ginger and chilli flavoured chicken with tagliatelle - yum. We are trying to be better organised with meals and planning for September, so M doesn't spend every evening in Tesco trying to decide what we should have for dinner! So one plan this summer holiday is to try and come up with a two week menu plan of food that we will all eat - no small feat I can assure you. Will keep you posted.

Daughter and I have lots of programmes to catch up over the next few days - we at least 6 Gossip Girls to watch, so I am off to watch one of them now, before she disappears with boyfriend W to go and see the new Harry Potter (it's not fair I want to see it!).

See you. M x

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