Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rainy Tuesday!

Am getting slightly bored with the rain now. Whilst I found the heatwave week hard to cope with, a happy medium of dry weather would be nice. Ed is desperate to go out and play, and Em's plan for a picnic has been radically changed!

I started the day with a little bit of "blitzing" (one of my summer plans) of Ed's room. Today we tackled his clothes. Because I get a lot of clothes passed on to me for Ed, we seem to be drowning in them. I have been very disciplined in what to keep and what to pass on to someone else. I made a very small dent in the chaos of his room. Just need Mark to pick up a shelf from Ikea and then I can tackle his hundreds of books.

After dropping Em off at her friend's house, have spent the morning crocheting my hexagon blanket. Have had to stop now, as my hands are aching. I found the pattern on a great blog called Attic24 (see sidebar for link). Lucy in her attic has given me loads on inspiration - particularly her flowers and bag - check it out.
Here's a couple of photos of my work in progress.

Whilst crocheting, I have indulged myself with a film, The Jane Austen Book Club (clearing it off my Sky planner - another holiday task!) and a little bit of crafting on QVC (only a small purchase I promise!).

No karate for the children tonight, as Em did not get back from her friend's house til 5.30. At least Mark can sit and relax with a glass of wine.

I found some really yummy photos of Robert Pattinson on a website today - there are too many gorgeous ones to post so I shall add a couple to give you a taster. Here goes:

Mmmm - delish! M x

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