Saturday, 18 July 2009

The summer holidays have started!

Well, we have finally broken up for the summer holidays - what a relief. This last week seems to have been a very long week indeed. It was an emotional final day, watching a children move on to new classes and new schools. I was quite drained by the time I got home. But what a day weather wise! By the time school had ended, the weather had taken a turn for the worst and was raining so hard, which it continued to do all night.

I spent the evening chilling out in front of the TV with a glass of wine and some Crunchie chocolate, mmm heaven! I was really looking forward to watching the new prog about vampires called True Blood. It wasn't quite what I thought it was. I didn't realise the language would be as bad as it was, but I should have realised as it was from HBO. It was OK and I'm going to stick with it to see how it shapes up, but at this stage I still prefer Twilight. It has an interesting take on the mind reading thing - a sort of reverse to Twilight. Anyway we will see. (Twilight factors heavily in my life as you will find out).

Today I have just chilled - more TV and reading (finished Jill Mansell's Rumour Has It). Should have been making cards, specifically for my niece who will be 13 on Friday - well there is always tomorrow. Am off to visit friends for dinner (husband driving!). We could have stayed over, but have promised our son that he could go to the last cricket of the season tomorrow. Really looking forward to catching up with them.

M x

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