Monday, 16 January 2012

A Quick Hello

Just popping by to tell you about my scrapbooking crop on Saturday.  Sorry that there are no photos to show you, it's all a work in progress!

I had a really great time and everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  I was very nervous about going because I have only dabbled at scrapbooking, as you know I am a card maker, and I was terrified of looking stupid.  I needn't have worried.

I had roughly planned a couple of layouts, but not in any great detail.  It was really hard to know what to take so I took bagfuls of stuff!  I will have a better idea next time as I took a lot of notice of what all the other ladies brought with them. 

I'm going to make up project packs for next time and thoroughly plan each layout.  I will have more time as the next crop I can go to is in March (the Feb one coincides with the day Edward gets back from his school skiing trip).  I do feel that I will really get into scrapbooking though, and what was really nice was to spend seven hours in the company of like-minded people.  The time flew by, although I did spend the first hour chatting to my friend Helen, who I went with!  It's surprising that we got anything done.

And when I got home, Mark had cooked me the most delicious meal and World War III had not erupted in my absence, so all in all, a happy day!

Take care and thanks for dropping by.

Michelle x

PS Sorry I haven't visited other blogs for a while, I've had a really tough week, work etc and have barely been able to keep my eyes open in the evenings.  Will try to remedy this soon x x


  1. So glad you had a good time. I love scrapbooking and don't have nearly enough time to do it. Where I can make a card in a couple of hours, I often find it takes me two days to be happy with a scrapbook layout and I very often don't stick anything down on the first day in case I have a better idea over night!

  2. I find scrapbooking such a pleasure too although a bit more time-consuming than cards so I find I really have to schedule it otherwise it doesn't get done! Glad you had a good time.