Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A little bit of crochet

Look at my gorgeous new stash of wool! It's for my new project - a Granny Stripe blanket as designed by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24 (pattern found here). The wool is Style Craft Special DK found here - a snip at £1.35 per 100g ball.

The colours I have chosen are violet, bright green, raspberry, pale rose, pomegranate, fondant, lipstick, green, turquoise, sherbet, bluebell, lavender, lemon, saffron, jaffa, apricot, meadow, aster, spring green, aspen and cloud blue.

I may add a couple more colours - I think I need a couple of deeper colours like a grape and maybe a darker red.

The tray below shows my recent crochet work - lots and lots of flowers. These are going to be brooches and they just need finishing off now. I was assessing my range of colours and I obviously favour pink, red and purple. Think I need to add a few more colours - what do you think?. I am hoping to sell these flower brooches at my school's Christmas Fair.

The other crochet project I am working on is hair clips. These are mainly finished - just the blue, pink and green ones at the bottom to finish. I am using up my Rowan Cash Soft on these as they don't take much wool at all.

I am still working on my other project of note cards/thank you cards, but that is a whole other post!
Take care and hope your week is going well.
M x

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  1. The crochet flowers are lovely, well done you. I am very interested in what you say about note cards as I've made some offset gatefold cards recently and thought they'd make beautiful, stylish notelets. I'll put some up as soon as I can. (Can't wait to see yours!)