Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 2

We woke to a glorious day on the Sunday - beautiful blue sky and very warm. We went to the market in Amble first thing (well after a delicious cooked breakfast!), then we explored the beach and jetty. Edward had great fun in the rock pools.

After lunch we went to Druridge Beach - 6 miles of golden sand - it's just like being in the Mediterranean. Edward didn't waste anytime going in the water and spent a happy afternoon digging.

Emily took it easy, basking in the sun, plugged in to her Ipod. She did play a game of football with my dad, but she would not thank me for publishing photos of it!

I was quite happy sitting in my chair taking in the beautiful scenery, feeling relaxed and warm, reading a brilliant book which I couldn't put down - The Girl who Played with Fire. A great afternoon.
M x

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