Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 5

This was the day we decided to go to Alnwick Castle and Gardens. We'd been waiting to do this, but had to pick a day where the weather was going to be kind to us. It was a bit fresh but otherwise OK.

Emily and Edward decided to wear their ridiculous glasses for this visit, which guaranteed that we would get some strange looks!

We are fans of Harry Potter so it was very exciting to visit the location for Hogwarts and to see where the flying lesson scene from The Philosopher's Stone was shot. But aside from that, it is a truly wonderful place to visit. The State Rooms (no photos allowed) are magnificent, and staff were so friendly and very informative.

The Gardens are beautiful too with lots of water features, as well as gorgeous plants.

The Tree House is the largest one in the country and the children had a great time exploring and running across the rope bridges. I wasn't too thrilled when I was on it and they started bouncing up and down on it and making me feel sick!!

And finally, The Poison Garden. We had to queue for access to this part (and we queued for approximately 45 minutes!). You are only allowed to go in there with a guide and they only admit parties of about 20 at a time. It was, however, fascinating. Lots of unusual plants as well as common plants, but our guide gave us an insight as to how fairly innocuous looking plants can cause problems. Did you know that Laurel can let off Cyanide gas if not treated correctly?! I recommend a visit if you get the chance.

We had a brilliant day at Alnwick, if exhausting! There is so much to see and do. It is well worth a visit - I would certainly go again.
M x

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