Wednesday, 25 May 2011


My Amazing Technicolour Dream Blanket is finished! I can't believe that I have finally done it. I know I have only been making it since November, so really that is no time at all, but I did despair of ever finishing it - particularly as the border was so boring to do

I don't have lots of measurements and amounts of yarn used, cost etc. All I know is that it stretches across a double sized bed and almost touches the floor on both sides.

I was undecided about the border for so long. I'm still not completely happy with it but I'm not changing it now! I think with the benefit of hindsight I would have done two rows of cream first, then the four rows of navy, but never mind, it looks OK.

I've timed the finish well to coincide with the start of summer, but as the weather is typically British at the moment, perhaps we will need it on the bed for a few more weeks yet.

And Chloe was the first to try it out. Since we have had her, she has spent a lot of time curled up on the blanket, on my feet as I have been crocheting (oh, and a lot of time chewing wool too!).

So on to the next project. Well really it's to finish one of my works-in-progress - the blanket I started making for Emily's bed. That one will seem really small and light after this monster. And then at some point I MUST get back to the hexagons!

Two posts in one day - how amazing. You can tell I am not at work this week, wouldn't normally have the time or the energy.

See you

M x

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