Sunday, 8 May 2011


Haven't been around much recently as life and no internet have got in the way!

We've had no internet connection for quite a few days now and it's getting pretty tedious. It's only when you don't have it, do you realise how much you rely on it! (If you are wondering how I'm posting now, well don't tell anyone, but I've jumped on my neighbours unsecured connection!!). It's Edward's birthday soon and I've been worried about how to order his presents (all from Amazon and Play), we haven't been able to sort pet insurance out until today, pay bills etc!

This morning, Edward departed for a week's stay in Bude at an activity centre, as his Year 7 trip. He was so excited and not at all worried. I've spent the last few days gathering together all his bits and pieces to pack, with a niggling doubt that I had forgotten something - still can't think what it is, and it's too late now as he'll have probably arrived by now! It's the lack of contact that I don't like - no phone call to say they have arrived safely. I'm not used to being out of contact with my children being somewhat of a control freak, or over protective mum.

I'm woefully behind with all the cards I need to make for May, and haven't picked up a crochet hook for a few weeks. The puppy is keeping us busy though. Whilst she is adorable, her feet are well and truly under the table! She has her moments of naughtiness, has discovered the stairs, and has realised that she likes to bite things! At least we only have to get up once in the night to her, and the puddles in the dining room seemed to have stopped too!

Anyway, sorry to be all gloom and doom, but sometimes you just need to get things off your chest!

Hope the week and weekend have been good for you. Have a great week, I've got a busy one, Year 6 SATs!

M x

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  1. If you've read my blog recently you'll know that I've been without a computer too, it's like having your right arm cut off isn't it? It's driven me mad, as I couldn't do any banking, top up my phone etc.
    I'm sure Edward will have a wonderful time. When my son went away at that age, he got the award for... untidiest bedroom (cringe!) and sent me a half written postcard!