Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Edward (for yesterday)

This is the card I made for my son who was 12 yesterday. It's not terribly exciting unless you are into Nerf guns which Edward seriously is.

Mark found me 16 different images from the internet. Each of the squares measure 4cm, and they are mounted on black card and then again on a large square white card (8" square). Didn't test my card making abilities that much but Edward was thrilled.

He had a lovely birthday, with a few presents and cards in the morning. Then off to school. This is the first year I haven't made chocolate cakes for one of my kids to take to school on their birthday, it felt really odd. After school he had more presents and the rest of his cards and then we went to Pizza Express for tea, with my parents as well. We had a lovely time. Chloe couldn't understand what all the fuss was about though, but she did try and help him open one of his presents.

She's actually in my bad books today, as she has chewed one of the keys off my laptop keyboard. Hope I don't need to "page down" again! I'll post more photos of her soon, although she doesn't sit still long enough for us to get good photos!

I must go and see what havoc she is wreaking as I type - it's suspiciously quiet!!!

M x

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