Saturday, 26 February 2011

So tired . . .

What is it with sleepovers that no one actually sleeps?! My daughter had a sleepover last night - her and three other girls. Cinema, pizza etc. We were evicted to our bedroom to watch Get Him to the Greek on a laptop - Mark didn't stay the course and nodded off half way through. Which was surprising really given the noise from downstairs. At what point do teenage girls stop shrieking at each other??!! Needless to say I didn't get much sleep either.

I think the noisiest time was around 4am when they were playing Just Dance on the Wii, after that I think I drifted off, waking again around 8am. Emily didn't sleep at all but has totally crashed since her friends have gone home. She is going to be fun later!!

I hope you all have a relaxing day - think of me lol!

M x

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