Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Gosh, it's been a while (again!). Apologies for my absence, I've had the lurgy for the past couple of weeks and have felt pretty rubbish! Also life in the Frecklepuss household has been quite stressy, so unfortunately blogging has slipped quite far down my list of priorities. But I'm back now - at least while it's half term, and I have a couple of things to share with you.

Today I'm showing you my new work in progress. Emily asked me to make her a granny stripe blanket for her bed and she has been quite definite about how she wants it to look.

She has chosen 10 colours and wanted broader stripes, so each block comprises 10 rows.

The wool is the usual Stylecraft Special bought from here and the colours are (top row left to right) Turquoise, Sunshine, Fondant, Aspen, Citron, (bottom row left to right) Emperor, Pomegranate, Aster, Spring Green and Violet.

I've really enjoyed making it as it grows so quickly - I've managed to crochet 100 rows in a week (it's quite addictive). I feel bad for abandoning my Dream Blanket, especially as I only have the border to do, so I'm going to stop with Emily's blanket for the moment and concentrate on getting the other one finished.
Edward has already planned my next project. He wants a stripe blanket like Emily's but in shades of green and blue, and fours rows per stripe! I think I've started something now!!
Have a good day.
M x


  1. This is brillinat. I have bought a crochet hook and have had a go, but I'm really struggling. Any tips?

  2. Love the blanket! I have about 4 blankets on the go at the moment. I get a bit bored so it's nice to change and then come back to it refreshed!

    Hope you have a great rest of a half term!