Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Midweek catch up

Hope everyone is having a good week. I've been at home the last two days as Emily is not well, but hopefully on the mend. I am now starting with a cold but shall try to ignore it as I don't have time to be ill!

My week of planned meals is going very well, and certainly makes life a little bit less stressful. The Alsace chicken was delicious on Sunday (roast chicken with lemon juice and tarragon, with a cream, garlic and white wine sauce), and we had plenty left over for Monday with cold chicken, chips and a fried egg - simple, but so yummy. Yesterday was hoisin pork and pancakes, and tonight will be chicken in tomato and basil sauce with pasta. Is your mouth watering yet?!

Dream Blanket update - only got two more colours to crochet and then it's just the border. Have ordered the colours for that today, as well as ten colours than Emily has chosen for her own Dream Blanket, which thankfully will be half the size of mine (it's soooooo heavy now!!).

Have finally finished reading the whole Harry Potter series, which I started just before Christmas. I have to admit to shedding a tear or two, as once again, it's all over (until I read the series again!)

I started my new book last night, Room by Emma Donoghue. Not too sure what to make of it at the moment, but it's early days. I'm trying to second guess what is going to happen but I'm not going to say because I know a couple of other bloggers are about to read it too.

This Sunday it's the Stamperama show at Stevenage which is not too far from where I live. I usually go, but not this year as I am saving my pennies for the Alexandra Palace show in April. I feel sad that I am not going and hope that I won't weaken on Sunday morning - but I must be strong, I must be strong (if I repeat it enough, will I start to believe it??!!).

Cheerio. M x

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