Monday, 7 February 2011


I know I have mentioned this book before but now I have read it (unputdownable!!) - I just wanted to urge people to give it a go.

It's about a boy and his mother who live together in a room that is 11 feet square. The boy is five years old and has only known the room his whole life. It is written from the boy's point of view and in the language of a five year old. Don't let that put you off, as the story unfolds you will just want to keep reading - I read it in two days. I can't tell you anymore as it would spoil the story for you. I'd love to know if anyone else has read it and what you think.

Hope everyone is well. We've been a bit poorly in the Frecklepuss household. I've had the grottiest cold which has lingered on and on, and which I have kindly passed on to both children!! I was brought up to share - what can I say!

Take care

M x

Oh by the way - I've finished crocheting all the rows of the dream blanket. Have sewn in 192 ends and am waiting for the border colours to arrive - I wish they would hurry up!!

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