Sunday, 28 November 2010

Busy Weekend

Phew! I think I need another couple of days to get over this weekend. It's been a good weekend, but a busy one - trying in to fit in jobs, homework and shopping, as well as buying Emily a new bed, finishing off some Christmas cards, making lists for Christmas shopping (bah humbug!) and going to the cinema (and that was just Saturday!).

Has anybody seen the new Harry Potter film? We have been desperate to go as we are all big Harry Potter fans, and we managed to go late on Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed the film and felt that it was very sensible to make two films out of the final book - I feel they have done it justice so far. There's quite a lot of Daniel Radcliffe's bare chest in it too - Emily was happy! Roll on the summer for the final instalment.

We had a lot to fit in today aswell but it didn't quite go to plan. Edward had a football match at 1.30 which we were trying to work round, but that got cancelled in the end. We wanted to install Emily's new bed, but she wouldn't get out of the old one - so that's a job for next weekend. Mark and I went into town whilst Edward did some homework, and Emily did a bit of tidying (shock horror!!) and I bought myself a new phone.

I've been wanting one for ages as my old one hasn't been very reliable. My new phone is a Smartphone (it's taken me all day to get to grips with it!!) - an HTC Wildfire in silver. It's pretty cool, can even send emails - I won't know myself!
Not much crafting has taken place - a little bit of crochet of the Dream Blanket, but not a lot - nothing to show at the moment.
Think it's going to be a really busy week. I am feeling slightly panicky about Christmas - I truly hadn't realised how close it is. The children have only got three weeks left at school. I need to get myself organised. Does anyone else feel a bit anti-Christmas this year? I'm fed up with every advert showing how perfect your Christmas could be - it's quite depressing really. And on that grumpy note, I shall good night.
M x

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